The Pogosyan Grachya Charitable Foundation

«Treat Your Motherland and Homeland like Your Home»
G.M. Pogosyan

Dear friends,

Almost all sensible people regardless of their personal beliefs understand that a lot is unfairly forgotten in our life.

My task is to be helpful to the time which we live in on the Earth. We have only one life to live and have to establish the link between the past, the present and future for our descendants to be able to see and estimate our actions and pass the torch to new generations.


In September 2017 the Grachya M. Pogosyan Charitable Foundation was opened to realize the project initiated by Saint-Petersburg’s society “Survivors of the Siege of Leningrad”. The project is to erect a monument “To the fortitude of Leningraders who defended the city” on Square of Fortitude (Ploshchady Muzhestva)

  • A present for the 120th anniversary of the Russian Museum and 160th anniversary of the birth of Grand Duke Constantine Romanov

    This year Grachya Pogosyan, the St. Petersburg philanthropist, has supported the work of the International Youth Poetry Competition named after Constantine Romanov.

  • Glad to meet you again, my son…

    Alexander Andreevich Nagaitsev met his father after 74 years.

    On April 11th, a large-scale patriotic action came to an end in Almaty, the Repuplic of Kazakhstan: the bones of Andrey Yegorovich Nagaitsev, the staff sergeant of the Guards, who left for the front from those places, who defended Leningrad were laid to rest.

  • To Have Thanked Publicly

    On March 13th there was a gala concert dedicated to International Women’s Day for the women of Kalininsky District in Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall (BKZ). Just before the concert started, the award ceremony of Grachya Pogosyan, the St. Petersburg’s philanthropist, was held.

    The hall was full that evening. There was Anatoly Drozdov, the Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly, Vasily Ponidelko, the head of the Kalininsky district administration, Zhanna Kiseleva, the head of Kalininsky district division of the society “Survivors of the Siege of Leningrad” and many others who came to congratulate women of St. Petersburg on the 8th of March.

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