The Pogosyan Grachya Charitable Foundation


Medal from General

   On March 6th President of Grachya M. Pogosyan Charitable Foundation was awarded in Victor Yermakov’s office who is the army general, the head of the Assembly of the All-Russia Non-Governmental Organization of veterans of the armed forces, RF.
Viktor Yermakov has been following charity work of Grachya Pogosyan, Major General of reserve, St. Petersburg’s patron of the arts and philanthropist.
    The general knows about his good deeds firsthand: Viktor Fedorovich took part in the ceremony of unveiling a monument to soldiers from Agarak in the village of Agarak, Aragotsotn province of Armenia. It was the first project initiated and funded by the Charitable Foundation. A year later he visited Agarak again and paid the tribute to the memory of soldiers from the Armenian village who were killed in battle.  He participated in the unveiling of a khachkar to Soviet soldiers on Sinyavin Heights in 2010. Since then he has controlled and paid special attention to charity work of Grachya Pogosyan.  They meet on a regular basis, discuss future plans of the philanthropist and all projects get high esteem from the General Viktor Yermakov.
     On March 6th Viktor Yermakov received Grachya Pogosyan in his office and awarded the patron a Medal ‘100 years of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army and Navy’ for his great charity work for the benefit of preserving our history. Together with the Chairman of the Assembly Boris Kobyakov, the General Viktor Yermakov and Grachya Pogosyan discussed the project agreement between the All-Russia Non-Governmental Organization of veterans of the armed forces and Grachya Pogosyan Charitable Foundation. It was decided that the projects aimed to develop cooperation to join forces in military-patriotic education of the citizens of the Russian Federation, in forming spiritual and moral principles, love and devotion to the Motherland among the youngsters are most needed today. Soon the agreement will be signed by both sides.


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