The Pogosyan Grachya Charitable Foundation


Holiday for Children with Special Education

   Pre-New Year festivity took place in Mga boarding school for visually impaired children on 6th December. Snow maiden, fairy-tale characters, gifts and a lot of competitions were presented to the school’s educatees by the Grachya Pogosyan Charitable Foundation.

   A long friendship connects Grachya Pogosyan and Mga boarding school for visually impaired children. In 2012, a similar holiday evening was held by the philanthropist and every autumn he presents the boarding school with fresh honey.
So, at the end of 2017, the president of the Charitable Foundation and the honorary citizen of Kirovsk district, Leningrad region decided to organize a New Year holiday for the school’s educatees. Sets of grandmaster chess, as the school if famous for its great young chess players, sets of hygiene items, fruit and sweets for all the pupils were purchased. The concert ordered   by the philanthropist was held by the agency #ZateyaSpb.
    A lot of people apart from Grachya Misakovich Pogosyan and the foundation’s staff came to congratulate the children and the teacher of the boarding school. Among them were Andrey Petrovich Vitko and Yunus Sultanovich Ibragimov – Heads of Kirovsk district, Leningrad region; Elena Alexandrovna Zelentsova – Head of Cooperation with the bodies of state power, local authorities and public relations of Kirovsk district; Galina Nikolayevna Smirnova – Head of the Assosiation of Veterans of the district; Yuri Nikolayevich Klenov – the honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation. The guests were welcomed by the deputy directors Maria Leonidovna Chudnovtseva and Sergey Nikolayevich Shnypko.
    Before the festivity, all special guests were given a tour of the boarding school so they could see the learning and living conditions. It should be mentioned that the school has changed greatly for the past years: the classes, living rooms, halls have been repaired, new furniture have been bought as well as specialized equipment and learning materials for visually impaired children. All the guests paid attention to it being glad for the school.
   In his opening speech, Grachya Pogosyan, President of the Charitable Foundation, congratulated the children with the forthcoming New Year and expressed his gratitude to the administration of the 47th region for their great attention to the boarding school.
“Being here for the first time in 2012, today I can see big changes. You study at a wonderful school. A new boiler house is being built, thanks in large part to the Governor of Leningrad region Nikolay Drozdenko. The Administration of Kirovsk district should be thanked for their support, for they have noted the wishes of the deputy directors of your school,” Grachya Pogosyan said.
   Andrey Vitko wished the educatees good education, pleasant events and congratulated everybody with the forthcoming New Year. He was joined by the Head of the district Yunus Ibragimov. The deputy director wished the children to have a good time and ask them to thank the guests for the wonderful presents.
   Then all boys and girls enjoyed the festivity. For an hour they were entertained by different fairy-tale characters, magicians and a snow maiden. Every one could have a picture with their 
favourable character against a colourful stand. The event culminated in the paper extravaganza that couldn’t leave anyone indifferent. The children together with the adults – teachers and guests – were showering everyone with heaps of cut paper laughing and chasing each other.   
     That unforgettable celebration finished with giving sweets that had been prepared by the Charitable Foundation. The children didn’t let the guests go for long hugging them and saying thanks for the holiday. That immediacy and honesty plucked the guests at the heart strings. Grachya Pogosyan promised the kids to visit them again and again.

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