The Pogosyan Grachya Charitable Foundation


A gift to the “Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute”

22 sets of portable shelves were donated by St. Petersburg philanthropist Grachya Pogosyan in order to provide appropriate work of the specialized library of the “Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute” located on the territory of the “Tsitsernakaberd” memorial complex in Yerevan.

In summer, Director of the Museum  Harutyun Marutyan  turned to Grachya Pogosyan with a request to assist in the purchase of sets of portable shelves. In his letter he wrote: “With a knowledge about your extensive charity work in order to preserve the memory of significant events of our common history, we are very pleased that you pay special attention to the most important elements of the collective and historical memory of our people, especially its tragic page  the Armenian Genocide ...” Grachya Pogosyan considered it his duty to help the Museum, which is carrying out such a huge and important work on preservation of the tragic page in the history of Armenian people.

On October 9, visiting the “Tsitsernakaberd” memorial complex and the Museum of the Armenian Genocide, Grachya Pogosyan examined his gift, which was installed in a special room, and handed the documents for these shelves to Harutyun Marutyan.

In gratitude for such a significant gift to the “Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute”, the Director of Museum handed the philanthropist the commemorative medal “Aurora Mardiganian” and appreciation from the staff, which reads: “... With the installation of new bookshelves, a number of other issues related to the structure of the museum’s funds will be gradually resolved. According to our information, such a set of portable bookshelves is currently installed only in our museum in Armenia... We are sure that you will continue the best traditions of Armenian philanthropists of the early 20th century to the glory of Armenian history and culture, as well as continue to familiarize the world community with the Armenian Genocide.”  

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