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In 2017 all of Hrachya Poghosyan’s charitable activities began to be implemented through a specially opened charitable foundation named after the philanthropist. On the initiative and at the personal expense of Hrachya Poghosyan, more than 400 objects of cultural, spiritual and historical significance were installed, restored and restored. More than half of them are dedicated to the history of the Leningrad land. Dozens of books and documentaries on various topics have been published.



The Poghosyan Hrachya Misakovich Charitable Foundation actively supports public initiatives aimed at preserving historical memory. The foundation's projects are implemented in 14 countries around the world, affecting the destinies of millions of people and touching on world history, from the 4th century BC to the present.


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Погосян Грачья Мисакович
My task is to be helpful to the time which we live in on the Earth. We have only one life to live and have to establish the link between the past, the present and future for our descendants to be able to see and estimate our actions and pass the torch to new generations.