Gift to the Holy Land with filial love

   The end of the year was marked for Grachya Pogosyan by a visit to the Holy Land. He brought gifts to the temples of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Israel.
   This spring, Hieromonk Shnork - clergyman of the Diocese of Jerusalem - addressed the priest of the St. Catherine Temple of the Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Petersburg,  Ephraim Zargaryan, with a request to assist in providing the bells for a renewed bell tower of the monastery of the Holy Savior in Jerusalem. With blessing of a Head of the Russian and Novo-Nakhichevan diocese, Archbishop Yezras Nersesyan, Father Ephraim turned for support to St. Petersburg philanthropist and a permanent parishioner of St. Catherine church, - Grachya Pogosyan.
     At the same time, Grachya Misakovich got a request from Hieromonk Tiran Hakobyan from the St. Nicholas Church, located in Jaffa, in which he voiced the need to decorate the altar of their temple with holy images.
     The philanthropist responded to both requests and took upon himself these charitable projects. It was decided to deliver gifts to Jerusalem by the day of St. Nicholas, celebrated on December 21 in Israel. 

    A delegation from Saint Petersburg, headed by Grachya Pogosyan, went to Israel to take part in a celebration and transmit gifts to The Armenian Apostolic Church. The four-day visit included a visit to the Holy places of Jerusalem and surrounding areas, acquaintance with a clergy of Jerusalem Patriarchate of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Archbishop Sevan Gharipyan, hieromonk Schnork and others. 

     On December 21, a sacred service in honor of Saint Nicholas was held at the Saint Nicholas monastery, during which Archbishop Sevan Gharipyan consecrated a new altar image - the icon of the Mother of God and the Infant Jesus, presented by Grachya and Nazik Pogosyan. The image was painted by the Armenian iconographer Artem Melkonyan, whose works are stored in various temples in Israel. Pogosyan Couple also donated a Holy Banner with an image of St. Nicholas. At parting, they signed the book of Honored guests of the temple.


    The next day, on December 22, the new bells brought by Grachya Pogosyan as a gift to the Armenian monastery of the Holy Savior, which stands on Zion mount, were consecrated. A service was held here, and then Archbishop Sevan Gharipyan consecrated the gift of a benefactor from St. Petersburg, thanking for this valuable gift made for the temple.
     During the visit to Jerusalem, the guests also visited the manuscript repository, which is located in Armenian district and contains more than 3,890 ancient manuscripts and translations of different periods. The oldest is a handwritten Bible of the 4th century. The guests were introduced to the storage facility and the features of storage and restoration. At the end of the visit, Grachya Pogosyan left a record of his visit and words of gratitude for the reception in the book of honored guests, which has been in operation since 1951.
     Saying goodbye to the Holy Land, each of the guests noted that this visit will remain in their hearts for many years.