Time to scatter the stones and time to collect them

   On January 12, 2020, the last full stop was set in a project of restoring historical justice in relation to a famous Russian international lawyer, author of a fundamental work in the field of international law, “Contemporary International Law of Civilized Peoples,” a diplomat, a member of the Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, one of the organizers convened by the initiative of Nicholas II of the Hague Peace Conferences of 1899 and 1907, Vice President of the European Institute of International Law  Fedor Fedorovich Martens. A ceremony was held to consecrate the recreated monument at his resting place on this day.
   The monument itself was opened on October 23, 2019 at a joint initiative of Pogosyan Grachya Misakovich Charitable Foundation, the representative office of the Russian Foreign Ministry in St. Petersburg and the leadership of St. Petersburg State University.
     You can read more about it per the following link: http://radichesti.ru/news?id=145
     The monument was opened, and it was decided to hold a consecration ceremony a little later.
     Thus, on January 12, those who participated in a reconstruction of a gravestone gathered again here at the resting place of Fedor Fedorovich Martens: President of the charity foundation Grachya Pogosyan and the foundation’s employees; also the Consul General of the Republic of Estonia in St. Petersburg Carl Eric Laanthe Reintamm, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Estonia Juri Trey with colleagues, as well as parishioners of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran parish and guests of the event also arrived at consecration ceremony.  The monument was consecrated by a pastor of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran parish of St. John in St. Petersburg Kaido Soom.
     The pastor spoke about the meaning of a human life in his speech.
     - Everything has its own time, and the time of every thing under heaven: time to be born, and time to die; time to plant and time to tear out the planted; time to kill and time to heal; time to destroy and time to build; time to cry and time to laugh; time to complain and time to dance; time to scatter the stones and time to collect stones; time for hugging and time to evade hugs; time to seek and time to lose; time to save and time to quit; time to tear and time to stitch; time to be silent and time to speak; time to love and time to hate; time of war and time of peace,”  the pastor read a quote from the Book of Ecclesiastes, which reflects our reality in the best possible way. “Today we are talking about Fedor Fedorovich Martens and we think that the trace that he left in this world is huge ... and we should think about what trace we will leave in this world also,”  said Pastor Kaido Soom.
     The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia, Jury Trey, once again recalled the history of visits to the cemetery together with the staff of the Estonian consulate during many years and the futile attempts to erect a monument to Fedor Fedorovich Martens. And he expressed his gratitude that now there is a place where to come and bow to the memory of a great son of Estonian people, who made a huge contribution to the development of international law both in Russia and around the world. Yuri Trey thanked Grachya Pogosyan once again for this noble work and handed in memory books and pamphlets telling about the formation of the Estonian community in St. Petersburg. 
   Grachya Pogosyan, in his turn, noted that it is very important that the monument to Fedor Fedorovich Martens was consecrated today.
- We consider it to be important to hold a consecration ceremony, because, having installed a monument, we disturbed the burial place. And holding a memorial service and consecration of the monument is an important ritual for us. Now, both me and the staff of our foundation feel that this project is completed.  emphasized the philanthropist. He thanked the Consul General of Estonia, the pastor and all representatives of the Estonian community for the organized ceremony.
     And scarlet roses were laid again to the foot of the monument to Fedor Fedorovich Martens.